VIII International Yury Grigorovich Competition
Young Ballet of the World "dedicated to the upcoming 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Dyagilev
October 10-18,  2021

The Competition will be held in Sochi Winter Theater from October 10 to October 18, 2021 and will be arranged in two age divisions: Junior and Senior divisions. 
Male and female dancers who are younger than 19 years of age on the moment of the first day of Competition may join Junior Division. 
Male and female dancers who are 19 years of age and not older than 27 years of age on the moment of the first day of the Competition - may join Senior Division. 

Organizing Committee will establish following prizes: 
6 awards for the Junior Division: 3 Prizes for boys + 3 Prizes for girls and award 4 Diplomas to participants of the Final Round. 
6 awards and 4 diplomas for participants of the Final Round in the Senior Division: 3 Prizes + 2 Diplomas will be awarded for male and female dancers respectively. 

Contestants will be supplied with free hotel accommodation (accommodation for contestants in a double room during official participation in the Competition) and 3 meals a day. 

Application deadline:- September 5, 2021. 

Sochi is one of the largest and the most beautiful city-resorts on shore of the Black Sea.
Video Sochi
Its unique climate, plenty of sunny days, the warm sea and numerous healing springs, luxuriant flora attract a great number of holiday-makers and tourists from Russia and other countries of the world. 
Sochi is famous not only for the health-resort opportunities, but also for the rich atmosphere of concerts and theatres.
Concert and theatre seasons have its long-standing traditions. The well-known opera-houses and dramatic theatres, symphony and chamber orchestras, various ensembles, dance and ballet groups, eminent soloists of different genres of Art of Russia and Foreign countries participate there regularly. 
Click for zoom  International competition of Yury Grigorovich Young Ballet of the World will become a new bright color in the palette of the citys cultural life.
The competition is being held with the purpose to help the young ballet-dancers in their creative development, to increase the professional skill to work their way up to perform on the stage, to establish the creative and friendly relations among the young people of different countries of the world, to exchange the professional experience, to make popular the art of the classical dance among the general public and subsequent development in the art of ballet.
Click for zoomThe international competition of Yury Grigorovich Young Ballet of the World will be held in the period from October 10-18 2021 in the resort town of Sochi, on the stage of the Winter Theatre. The creative manager of the competition and the chairman of the judges is the eminent choreographer Yury Grigirovich.
The first competition is dedicated to the creative work of the Legend of the Russian Ballet, the Great Ballerina of the XX Century Galina Ulanova.

Young Ballet of the world winners